主 讲 人:Patrick Heller  教授

主 持 人:张长东 副教授

地    点:廖凯原楼341会议室

时    间:3月28日下午4:00―5:30


语    言:英语



In the age of globalization, megacities of the Global South have emerged as the most contested sites of the socio-spatial contradictions of capitalism.  In contrast to deterministic accounts that have dominated the literature, I combine insights from the developmental state and the urban governance literatures so show that political and institutional factors at the national and local level can shape divergent trajectories of urban transformation.  Comparing the modal megacity in three democratic, highly unequal, globally integrated and rapidly transforming countries, I show that there is significant variation in the capacity of cities to coordinate growth and inclusion.  These varied outcomes are explained on the one hand by center-local state relations that configure the degree of city capacity and governance autonomy, and on the other hand by the degree to which the local state is embedded in civil society.  


Patrick Heller 教授简介

Patrick Heller, Lyn Crost Professor of Social Sciences, Professor of Sociology and International Studies, Department of Sociology, Brown University. His main area of research is the comparative study of social inequality and democratic deepening.

He is the director of the development research program at the Watson Institute of International Studies and Public Affairs. He has published books and articles on urbanization, comparative democracy, social movements, development policy, civil society and state transformation. His most recent project, Cities of Delhi, conducted in collaboration with the Centre for Policy Research, explores the dynamics of governance and social exclusion in India’s capital.

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